How to choose a hearing aid when the elderly have hearing problems

Choose the guidance for wearing a hearing aid: when the hearing loss of the hearing loss test is performed on both sides of the hearing loss in the elderlyWhen 35~80 db is worn, a proper type of hearing aid can be worn to enable the elderly to participate in social life. After testing by professionals, hearing aids are selected according to the requirements of the elderly and the economic situation. The box type hearing aid is easy to operate, flexible in switch and volume adjustment, durable in battery, economical to use, but obvious in exposure, which will bring pressure to the wearer and low recognition rate. Suitable for elderly people who are old age, home-based, and have low economic affordability; glasses-type hearing aids are easy to accept, no low-frequency interference, but expensive, easy to damage, nose and auricle compression are obvious, not suitable for long-term The use of the ear-back hearing aid does not have the disadvantages of the above two models, and has the excellent performance of the above-mentioned hearing aid, and the price is moderate, but it also has the disadvantage of affecting the natural resonance frequency of the external auditory canal; the in-ear hearing aid is more concealed and retains some inherent functions of the human ear. In particular, the latest dynamic language coded hearing aids have the best hearing effect for the following high-frequency deafness-based elderly residual hearing, which has an ideal hearing effect, but is more expensive.

From the principle of hearing rehabilitation, bilateral hearing aids can play the role of binaural orientation. If the economy is limited, wear it on one side. If it is mild to moderate hearing loss – pure tone hearing valve mean (PTA) is less than or equal to 70db, it is best to choose a hearing aid in a poor ear, if the moderate to severe hearing loss (PTA value is less than or equal to 90db) choose a slightly better side Optional

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