How to choose elderly hearing aids

Everyone knows that as people get older, older friends will be troubled by hearing loss. The so-called senile deafness refers to a kind of senile disease in which progressive hearing loss gradually occurs with age. usually65~75The age of the elderly can be as high as possible60%about. In fact, the formation of senile deafness is a manifestation of the laws of nature in the development of the human body. Do not think too serious or contempt. We should face this disease with a correct attitude and take a formal approach to choose the right way to deal with it.


Senile sputum belongs to sensorineural deafness and cannot be treated with drugs. The only correct solution is to wear hearing aids. Therefore, the elderly should not believe in false advertisements of folk remedies or newspaper websites. So as not to miss the best time to wear hearing aids. Don’t buy a hearing aid by mail order. Because the hearing aid is not an ordinary product, it needs a professional selection to really help your hearing. In addition, you should also pay attention to the selection:

1And the choice of hearing aids must go to regular medical institutions, rehabilitation institutions and fitting institutions.

2Conduct professional audiological examinations to understand hearing loss

3Listen to the advice of a professional fitter and try on a hearing aid

4First, wearing a hearing aid, there must be reasonable expectations, just as we have to adapt to glasses and dentures, there is also an adaptation process for hearing aids.

5Keep in touch with the fitter and adjust the hearing aid settings in time.

As long as you follow the doctor’s instructions in your life, pay attention to your diet, and then choose the right formal hearing aid. You don’t have to worry about senile deafness. Older friends can perform daily life as normal people, which also reduces stress and reduces worries for children.

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