How to choose elderly hearing aids

I want to give my grandmother a hearing aid to try out the effect. I want to know which type is suitable for the elderly like my grandmother, because of the situation of the older ear. The price is not very expensive, suitable for the working class and the elderly. There is also the first time we go to the hospital for examination, buy it at the hospital or go to a place where we sell hearing aids.,Check it out!?The world’s major brands are good, and their quality is guaranteed. If the effect is said, it depends on the actual hearing situation of the person. For example, the cause of hearing loss, the length of hearing loss, the degree of hearing loss, etc., will affect the effect of our listening.


Two patients with hearing loss with the same hearing loss may have different results when listening to the same hearing aid. One person may think that the effect is good and the other one may not work well. Siemens is also one of the world’s famous brands, but it can’t be said to be the best, let alone the best. No matter which brand, which manufacturer’s hearing aid has its own advantages and disadvantages, not which brand name is loud, which brand of hearing aid must be the best! ! ! Most of us think that “Siemens” is better because its brand is loud enough. If we mention “Siemens”, if people who have worn hearing aids before will never think of their “hearing aids”, more people think of it. Is their home appliance? ! I really don’t agree with this, so I gave the “best hearing aid” aura to “Siemens”! ! ! If you want to choose a hearing aid, you should go to the hearing aid fitting center to check your hearing first. The fitter will recommend a hearing aid that is best for your hearing based on the actual hearing of the hearing loss patients. When choosing a hearing aid, you must first consider what problems you want to solve with your hearing aids, such as normal communication, making a phone call, being afraid of howling, being too noisy, etc. Young hearing loss patients can choose “complete deep ear canal hearing aid (ie invisible)” because of their beauty. Considering the individual’s actual hearing situation, the problem to be solved and the acceptable price level, etc., it is not that the hearing aids suitable for hearing loss can be selected on the Internet. Any hearing aid that is recommended to you without knowing your own hearing is a hearing aid that is not suitable for hearing. It is not recommended that you choose this!

There are many types of hearing aids, and the price ranges from more than 100 yuan to over 10,000 yuan. Everyone has different levels of hearing loss and different feelings. Others who use them well may not be suitable for your elderly. Your father may not be suitable for other hearing patients, so you need to understand the hearing of the elderly. You can choose him to fit his hearing aid, otherwise you may be wasted even if you spend money.

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