How do older people choose hearing aids?[Elderly hearing aid fitting]

Normal person’s hearing20~30Years old,30After the age, it tends to decline with age. Usually in65~75Among the aged people6%~10%People are consciously hearing loss, and even some elderly people have complete deafness. Old people should not easily neglect when hearing problems occur. The early selection of hearing aids will greatly improve the quality of life of the elderly and reduce the burden on young people.How do older people choose hearing aids??


The main points of the hearing aids for the elderly: Combine the age, the cause of deafness, the environment and economic conditions, and choose the hearing aid that suits your condition.

Old man hearing aid matching point two: the wearing of the hearing aid requires a period of adaptation, patience and determination to slowly familiarize itself with it.

The main points of the old hearing aids are three: before the hearing aids must first check the hearing, according to the results of the hearing test to choose the hearing aid to be accurate.

The main points of the elderly hearing aid selection four: the choice of hearing aids must go to the formal fitting agency, do not arbitrarily buy online.

Common misunderstandings for the elderly:

Misunderstanding 1: If you can’t hear it, you need to fit the hearing aid.

In fact: the choice of hearing aids should be sooner rather than later, wearing hearing aids can protect residual hearing.

Myth 2: The hearing aid can buy a few hundred pieces, you can hear it.

In fact: long-term wearing of hearing aids that do not meet the hearing loss can damage residual hearing and lead to increased hearing loss.

Myth 3: Hearing aids will wear more and more

In fact: the decline in hearing loss in the elderly has always existed. Wearing a hearing aid can protect residual hearing and slow down the rate of hearing loss.

Myth 4: Wearing a hearing aid is a performance of disabled people

In fact: hearing aids are like glasses, one is to help us listen to the sound one is to help us see things.

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