How to choose for the elderlyHearing aid?

With the increase of age, the hearing loss of the elderly is uncontrollable. With the influence of deafness and tinnitus, people will be emotionally upset, insomnia, and temperament will become strange and unwilling to communicate with fishermen. Of course, the modern environment and the pressure of work, many young people also have this trouble. The auditory nerve is not stimulated for a long time, and the hearing loss will be faster. Over time, people will be slow to respond, and even eventually develop into dementia. Hearing loss is irreversible and there is no effective medication. Wearing a hearing aid is the only way to help.


When the elderly choose hearing aids, some people pay attention to the brand, some pay attention to the beauty, and others pay more attention to the secret. Then, “How to choose a hearing aid for the elderly”, on this issue, the reporter interviewed Mr. Xu, a hearing aid fitting assistant who has more than 10 years of experience in the hearing aid industry. Huier, Huxi East Road, Huzhou gave a detailed introduction to this issue. Choose according to the ear canal and auricle of the elderly. If the shape of the ear canal of the elderly is too narrow or too curved, the ear canal hearing aid may be difficult to put in or fall out easily.;If the old man’s auricle is too shallow, you may not be able to use an in-ear hearing aid.;As the elderly grow older, the fingers will become more and more inflexible, and there are certain requirements for the operation of the hearing aid. For the elderly in the above situations, it is recommended to use a behind-the-ear hearing aid.

The old man is choosingHearing aidWhen you choose, you should choose according to your own hearing loss. If the elderly is a sharp drop-shaped hearing loss, you need to choose a small-ear hearing aid that blocks the ear canal, so as not to cause the discomfort of listening to your own speech too loud and too stuffy.;If the hearing loss of the elderly has reached moderate, it is recommended that the elderly choose a hearing aid for the back of the ear, so that not only the sound is loud, but also the whistling;If the elderly have high requirements for the concealment of hearing aids, it is recommended to choose a custom-made hearing aid, which is tailored according to the size of the ear canal of the elderly, and it is difficult to be found hidden in the ear.

Hearing aidIt is a very sophisticated high-tech product. Therefore, the purchase of hearing aids not only requires hearing and safety, but also good after-sales service. In addition, matchingHearing aidBe sure to go to a formal hearing aid fitting agency.

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