How much is a hearing aid?elderlyHow much is a hearing aid?

Hearing aids belong to the second-class medical equipment for deafness correction and rehabilitation. The general friends do not understand the hearing aids. Only the relatives who have hearing loss at home or at home will know the hearing aids through various channels. It may be understood by neighbors who wear hearing aids. It is also possible. Check with the fitting staff at the store or find out through the network. Generally, the first question that everyone thinks of is –How much is a hearing aid?? Then you will find that the price of hearing aids varies widely, from one to two hundred to several tens of thousands of dollars. The question is coming. What is the difference between so many price points? What is the right amount of money? Which price is cost-effective? Let us answer you one by one.


Assistant The most basic principle of the listener is to amplify the sound. To put it plainly, it is a small amplifier. The hearing aid of a few hundred yuan is like this. The professional is called a simulator. It does not divide the frequency without dividing the frequency. It simply enlarges the sound without any additional functions. Such a model often finds that the sound is large, but the definition is not good, the noise is large, the noise is too much outside, and it is uncomfortable.

Then the digital machine is the upper grade. The digital machine divides the frequency into channels, which can be divided according to the patient’s hearing loss, and has noise reduction and anti-shock function, as well as wind noise processing, feedback blocking function, automatic telephone, Directional function, binaural phone, frequency shifting function, Bluetooth wireless function, etc. The better the hearing aid channel, the more functions, the better the listening experience in various listening environments, of course, the higher the price.

As for the hearing aid products that choose what level of function, you need to choose the right product according to your actual needs and the complexity of the listening environment. It is best to go to the store and ask the professional fitter to recommend the appropriate model according to your hearing situation and needs. .

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