McFeng hood blockedHearing aidinfluences

It is important to clean and replace the microphone cover

forThe microphone of the hearing aid is protected from dust and perspiration. Many brands of hearing aids now have a protective net cover on the microphone, and some manufacturers use a multi-layer mesh. McFeng hood blockedHearing aidHow big is the impact?


Stains and oils can clog the mesh on the microphone grille due to long-term use. The mesh is small and we can’t identify it with the naked eye. In addition, we use a conventional brush to clean it, and it can’t solve the problem.

The net cover is blocked, which seriously attenuates the sound output and effective gain of the hearing aid, and causes an increase in the noise floor and an increase in the distortion rate, which seriously affects the hearing aid effect of the patient. It is especially important to clean or replace the hearing aid microphone grille regularly.

2 ear can not replace the hearing aid electroacoustic test

Hearing aids have been found in clinical practice: the fitter routinely listens through his own ears to determine if the hearing aid is working properly.

Although this method is simple and quick, but only when it is suitable for serious problems in hearing aids, we can judge it. For electroacoustic changes like today, it is difficult to find out. Therefore, when the patient responds to a hearing aid problem, the necessary testing of the electroacoustic indicators of the hearing aid is important. McFeng hood blockedHearing aidHow big is the impact?

3 When there is a problem with the hearing aid, don’t rush to send it, first deal with it yourself.

Because the structure of the hearing aid is compact and compact, the general fitter finds that the hearing aid works abnormally and sends it for repair.5Days, more10Half a month, sometimes even a month, greatly affects the patient’s daily life.

In fact, many problems in hearing aids in the clinic are very small problems. The fitter can solve the problem on the spot by learning, careful observation and targeted treatment, which avoids the trouble of sending and returning multiple times.

Hearing aidThe most common problems are the blockage of the microphone net cover, the blockage of the horn guard net, the condensation of the sound tube condensate, the poor contact of the battery compartment reed, etc. These problems can be solved on the spot. Of course, if there is a hardware failure, the fitter can’t handle it, or you need to send it to the engineer for repair.

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