How can a child buy a suitable hearing aid?

Children need to choose a full-digital hearing aid, the internal function not only has natural sound quality, but also compensates for hearing loss according to hearing loss. This breakthrough in digital technology is equivalent to a fully automatic hearing aid computer that can adjust and correct hearing aids for children based on the child’s age, hearing loss and real ear test, sound field assessment after hearing aids, and verbal assessment. Which brand of compensation is better, and the quality of moisture, sweat and drop prevention is better. Such hearing aids are more suitable for children.


Hello, how can I get the right hearing aid advice for kids:

First, we must take the children to the local professional professional hearing aid fitting center;

Second, as long as the diagnosis is completed, the fitting should be carried out in time. The main steps of the general hearing aid fitting for children are: hearing assessment, hearing aid Device selection, verification, and performance evaluation. It should be noted that the fitting of infant hearing aids is not equal to the miniature version of the adult, because the infant hearing aids have their own special features:

1.Infants and young children need to rely on hearing aids to learn the language;

2.Infant and child understanding, cognitive ability and ability to cooperate are limited;

3.The outer ear develops rapidly and the acoustic characteristics are different from those of adults;

4.Long-term speech spectrogramLTASS) There are significant differences in strength and distribution shape with adults.

At the same time, infant hearing aid matching and adult have great differences in hearing threshold acquisition, matching, verification, evaluation review, etc. Therefore, the fitter should consider the age of the child when fitting the child’s hearing aid, generally preschool. Children less than6Behavioral observation method for months;6Month-2.5Reinforced by age;2.5You can use the game to listen to the sound of more than one year old. At the same time, it is necessary to combine the otoacoustic emission report and the acoustic impedance report of the hospital.ABRWait for the data to obtain the hearing threshold.

The safety of the selection, the uncertainty of the “predicted value” of the hearing threshold, the necessity of review, and the particularity of the deafening test should be considered in the fitting. In short, be sure to take your child to the local professional professional fitting center for inspection and fitting.

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