Improper matching hearing aids can cause hearing damage?

The optional hearing aids must select the hearing aids with corresponding appearance, power and function according to the hearing loss nature, degree, ear canal condition, speech recognition ability and their own needs. If the improper selection will cause secondary damage to the hearing, it is common to purchase a simple sound amplifying device. The simple sound amplifying device can not be set according to the user’s personal hearing, and there is almost no adjustment ability in different environments: regular performance In order to be comfortable in a quiet environment, in a noisy or chaotic environment, it is no different than putting a horn in the ear.


In the event of hearing loss, it is necessary to go to a professional institution to detect hearing. The fitter will recommend, audition, and fit the machine according to personal circumstances, and perform hearing aid evaluation and evaluation. Then, the individual will combine the actual situation and consider the professional hearing aid. It can be used safely without damage to hearing.

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