How to buy hearing aidsHow to buy a hearing aid

1I come to the fitting center

Fit If I can come to a professional fitting center, the fitter will conduct necessary otological examinations by knowing the patient’s hearing status and the time of deafness, perform pure tone audiometry for free, determine the nature and extent of deafness, and make a diagnosis; According to the test results, a hearing aid suitable for the patient is selected and introduced to the patient in various types of hearing aids; the patient selects a suitable hearing aid according to his actual needs for trial wear. If you are satisfied: the box and the back-type hearing aids are available and can be taken away on the spot; the custom-made ones need to be customized according to their hearing and ear shape, so you have to take the ear sample and make an appointment for the next take-off. time.


2I can’t come to someone else to buy

If I can’t come to the fitting center for a hearing test, the purchaser should be able to provide the results of my hearing test or describe the hearing condition of the patient to the fitter: Has the patient ever worn a hearing aid before? What is the nature of hearing loss? The extent of hearing loss? How long is the hearing loss? Is there a history of otitis media? Etc. These are necessary for the optional hearing aid. If the patient has worn a hearing aid before, you can buy one. If you have not worn a hearing aid before, it is best to have a hearing test at a local hospital, fax or bring the test results, and the fitter will choose a suitable hearing aid based on the test results.

Hearing aids are not ordinary goods. The choice of the hearing aid should pay attention to the quality of after-sales service, the level of the fitter, technical support, and cost-effectiveness. The same hearing aids, the effect of different fitter debugging is not the same. The same brand of hearing aids, some people say good, some people say bad, this is directly related to the fitting of the fitter. Therefore, the purchase of hearing aids must go to the professional fitting center, under the guidance of a professional fitter, according to my specific circumstances. Choosing the right one for you is the best.

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