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Now the hearing aid brand and model on the marketAssortmentHow to choose a suitable hearing aid is a question for many hearing-impaired people and their families. This article gives a brief explanation of the methods and precautions for choosing a hearing aid, and answers the questions for everyone. I hope everyone can choose the right hearing aid products. .


First of all, you should understand that hearing aids are not ordinary goods and should be selected with the help of professionals. It is recommended that you follow the steps below to select the appropriate hearing aid.

first step:

The first thing you should do when choosing a hearing aid is to perform a hearing test, usually a pure tone listening threshold, which can be done in a hearing aid fitting center or hospital. This test takes no time, and everyone has a hearing aid. This test should be done. Complete hearing test in our fitting centerHearing aidFitting equipment.

After this test is over, you can get an audiogram of this kind to understand the specific hearing loss situation, which is a very important basis for choosing the appropriate hearing aid model.

The second step:

The first choice of the appropriate model, this step is plagued by many users, because the number of hearing aid models are numerous, the price is different, which one to choose? In fact, the main thing is to follow2 principles, first of all, the selected model should meet the user’s hearing loss situation; secondly, the user should be clear about their needs, such as price range, appearance requirements, use environment requirements, whether it needs a good noise reduction effect and so on. In the process of selection, it is necessary to communicate with the hearing aid fittings to select the appropriate hearing aid model.

According to international standards, the small red circle represents the air conduction result of the right ear, the red greater than the number represents the right ear bone conduction result; the blue small ten cross represents the left ear air conduction result, and the blue less than the left represents the left ear left ear bone conduction result. . According to the International Health Organization (

third step:

After the second primary election, one or two basic models can be determined. On this basis, the audition will begin, and the hearing aid fitter will adjust the hearing aid according to the user’s hearing loss. Listen. At the same time, communicate with the user continuously, and fine-tune the parameters of the hearing aid as needed. When auditioning, you should be aware that you can experience it in different environments, which makes it easy to compare the differences between different models. This will allow you to select the most appropriate model.

the fourth step:

After determining the final model, it is not all right. The use of hearing aids will have an adaptation process, generally in3 ~ 4 weeks can get used to it. At this time, the user has basically adapted to his hearing aid, and has spent some time in his actual living environment, there will be some practical experience. At this time, it is recommended that the user can make a return visit adjustment to the fitting center, and make some fine adjustments to the hearing aid for the specific problems encountered in the previous period of use.Hearing aidPlay the best results.

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