Can you test your driver’s license if you have problems with your hearing?

1, the degree of hearing impairment is serious

For hearing-impaired friends who want to apply for a motor vehicle driving license, it is necessary to determine whether the degree of hearing loss can meet the requirements of the application. If you are full or severe deafness, wearing hearing aids can not meet the hearing requirements, please give up the driver’s license for safety.

2, exactly the same as the normal person test process

In addition to going to the designated hospital for admission to the designated hospital for physical examinations such as hearing, the process of obtaining a driver’s license is exactly the same as that for ordinary students.

3 has a longer learning time than ordinary people driving school

In response to the special needs of hearing-impaired friends, the general driving school will arrange more hours, and will pay more attention to the observation and emergency response capabilities of these students. Therefore, the hearing-impaired friends must be longer in the driving school than the average person.

4, driver’s license test venue is consistent

The hearing-impaired friends use the same car and examination venues as the regular students, but individual driving schools will open the hearing-impaired students.The “Green Channel” prioritizes its participation in the exam.

Can a hearing-impaired person take a driver’s license?

Test driver’s license, what kind of hearing aids are suitable

1, it is recommended to choose a hearing aid with better noise reduction and better definition.

In addition to wind noise, mechanical noise and tire noise, driving the vehicle makes the noise floor inside the car40 above the decibel. These noises will most greatly affect the clarity of the sound. Select a hearing aid with intelligent noise reduction function, and when fitting the hearing aid, please ask the fitter to personally debug the hearing aid according to the functional requirements of the driving, so that it can be used under driving conditions.

2, it is recommended to wear hearing aids in both ears.

One of the most important requirements when driving is the identification of the direction of the sound source. Therefore, the requirements of the “Regulations on the Application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driving Licenses””The two ears can distinguish the direction of the sound source from the 50 cm of the tuning fork.” It is impossible to judge the direction of the sound source by one ear alone, so it is necessary to use the dual mode of wearing the hearing aid with both ears as much as possible to improve the sound source positioning ability.

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