Hearing aid batteryCan I use other models instead?[What is the hearing aid battery?]

In the continuous development of hearing aids, the battery of hearing aids has also experienced rapid development. Many users confuse the type of hearing aid battery they use when using a hearing aid.Hearing aid batteryCan I use other models instead?

There are so many models of hearing aid batteries. Can my hearing aids use other types of batteries? For some questions, let Xiaoou come to answer for everyone!

Box hearing aids use ordinary5In addition to the battery, the batteries used in general digital hearing aids are all zinc-free batteries. Although they look very similar to the button batteries used in watches and toys, they are completely different. and soHearing aid batteryIt is not possible to replace it with a normal button battery.

The model of the hearing aid battery is divided into5类:

A675This is the largest type of hearing aid battery model. usually%

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