What kind of deafness is best for wearing a hearing aid

From the nature of deafness, there are three types of deafness. One is simple conductive deafness. It is caused by otitis media and perforation of the tympanic membrane. It cannot be completely cured after treatment and is accompanied by hearing loss. In this case, the main cause of deafness. It is the outer or middle ear. The main reason is that the energy of the sound is not enough. The effect of wearing a hearing aid will be very good. The second type is neurological. The structure of the inner ear of the outer ear is good. It is mainly caused by the damage of the hair cells in the cochlea. At present, there is no good treatment. Hearing aids are the first choice, so it is also suitable for wearing hearing aids. The third type is mixed, and the long-term otitis media is repeated. Inflammatory treatment does not completely cause damage to a part of the inner ear, which becomes a mixed hearing loss, and is also suitable for wearing a hearing aid. So no matter what the cause, as long as there is residual hearing, without hearing aid contraindications, you can try to help the hearing aid can help yourself.


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