Precautions for choosing a child hearing aid

First, choose a good brand for children’s hearing aids

Hearing aids are very sophisticated high-tech products.therefore,Only the purchase of branded hearing aids can guarantee hearing and safety.And get good after-sales service.At present, the world’s major brands of hearing aids are: Denmark’s Resound Hearing Aid and Odicon Hearing Aid, American Bellton Hearing Aid,Swiss Phonak Hearing Aid,StarckHearing aid,Siemens hearing aids from Germany (sold) Swiss Reston hearing aids,Canada’s Unicorn hearing aids and Danish hearing aids.

Second, children wear hearing aids to gradually adapt to

Child wearHearing aidShould gradually adapt to the initial stage,Don’t expect to hear the sound and understand all of it right away.Discourse. When a child first wears a hearing aid, parents can try to divert their attention and develop a child’s habit of wearing a hearing aid.;Volume shouldModerately small,After getting used to it, gradually increaseYou can listen to some simple sounds first.Perform complex hearing activities after adaptation.If your child feels tired or uncomfortable, remove the hearing aid immediately.
How to choose a child's hearing aid?

Third, children wear hearing aids after listening language training

Most children who wear hearing aids understand the way others speak and express their wishes.There will be some difficulties,AsThe pronunciation is unclear, etc.Therefore, children need to have listening language training after wearing a hearing aid.For children with severe deafnessIt is said that the hearing can not achieve the best results after wearing the hearing aid, and relying on the hearing aid may make it difficult to achieve the desired communication purpose.Therefore, it is especially important to give hearing aids to children with hearing aids.Precautions for choosing a child’s hearing aid 4. Choosing a hearing aid for children Choose a professional fitting agencyWhen you give your child a hearing aid, you should choose a professional hearing aid fitting institution to go to the national chain of hearing.

The price of children’s hearing aids, the sound quality of hearing aids, etc. require higher prices. From 5000 yuan to 40000 yuan, you can go to the hearing of a national chain agency.

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