Hearing aid battery use precautions

1) A battery with a low battery is used.

The battery of the test machine used when the hearing aid is selected is generally insufficient, and it may be out of power for two or three days. Solution: Replace the battery with a new one.

2The battery is exhausted.

The battery type is different and the usage time will be different. Hearing aid battery models are generally divided into the largest ones.675Battery, medium size13And312Battery, small size10battery.675Battery life is about15-20day,13Battery is about10-15day,312Battery is about7-10day,10Battery is about3-7day. The battery life is also related to the power, wearing time, weather and usage habits of the selected hearing aid. High-power hearing aids consume more power than low-power hearing aids. It takes longer to wear than the shorter ones. The cold winter or the wet rainy season requires more electricity than in the normal season. Uncover the small battery label and place it in the air1To2In minutes, the fully activated battery takes longer to install than the battery that was attached to the hearing aid just after the label was removed.

The hearing aid is silent due to the exhaustion of the battery. Solution: Replace the battery with a new one. (Special reminder: in the choice of hearing aid battery must choose the battery with good performance of regular manufacturers, can not be cheap and use inferior batteries.)

3The battery is reversed.

This situation is more common in older people. When the battery is placed, the battery should be stuck in the battery compartment. The battery compartment can be easily closed. If the battery compartment is not closed, do not force it to close. Please remove the battery and adjust the direction to reposition it. If the battery compartment is forcibly closed, it will damage the battery compartment and internal components.

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