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1Try to cooperate with the matchmaker to complete the process of hearing assessment and medical history collection: whether the results of the hearing assessment are accurate or not directly affect the quality of the hearing aid. We need to patiently cooperate with the fitter to complete various tests and provide more medical history information.

AUnderstanding the process of hearing (hearing threshold) testing

BUnderstanding the process of comfort threshold and discomfort threshold testing

CUnderstand the process of central speech resolution testing

DWhat do you need to know about medical history data?

After carefully reviewing the overall physical assessment process, the Selector will give you some comments and suggestions that he thinks are reasonable for your situation. Keeping this in mind is very important for you to understand your situation. They will then choose the appropriate hearing aid for your audition. At the beginning, don’t hope to hear it clearly at a glance, with the matchmaker for initial debugging, including minor sound test, strong noise test, speech test in quiet environment, speech test in noisy environment, etc. The apprentice will adjust the hearing aid according to your response under different tests in order to achieve the desired results. What you have to do is to carefully understand the effects and differences and express your feelings to the matchmaker accurately and clearly. The effect of the audition process is very important. You have to remember it in your mind for different hearing aids and different matching options.


Learn more about the principle and characteristics of hearing aids, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of different lines, different styles and different brands of hearing aids.Hearing aidBefore, try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various hearing aids as well as the hearing aid conditions that are suitable for your individual situation.

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