How to wear hearing aids for neurological hearing loss

For neurological hearing loss, there is currently no effective treatment. The only means of rehabilitation is to use a hearing aid. Hearing aids do take a long time to adapt, depending on your hearing loss and resolution. Of course, the choice of hearing aids also needs to be determined in conjunction with the actual hearing loss, personal living environment, of course, under the conditions of these conditions of use. The better the performance of your hearing aid, the better your listening experience will be. The price is more expensive. So also consider your own economic ability to consider. These can go to the fitting center to communicate with your fitter.


The earlier the hearing aid is, the better the effect, because at this time your resolution may be good. When the resolution is very poor, then the effect of the hearing aid is also compromised. Because we listen to the sound in addition to the hearing aid to enlarge, but also the brain’s hearing center to judge. The deterioration of central ability is not helpful for hearing aids.

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