Experience of a third-level hearing aid fitter

After graduating from college, I found a fresh and somewhat biased job: becoming a hearing aid fitter. I like this job. It can help people with hearing needs. It is a work full of love; and it is also a good job with my university major: I graduated from a medical university, undergraduate, and did not insist on working in the medical system. After I joined the job, I read a lot of books on audiology, and the content is all I am interested in. With the foundation of medicine, it is easy to understand; it is also easy to get it. A year later, I took a hearing aid fitter.4Level, I heard that the results are the first in the class. The job at the store seems to be laid-back, which is actually challenging. Want to be a qualified fitter, Receiving a patient with hearing loss requires not only professional knowledge, but also more elements, such as dialectical thinking skills, communication skills, attitudes, professional ethics, etc.

When you continue to take over the new store, the experience accumulates quickly and slowly forms your own work style.3Years later, I took the exam for the National Hearing Aids Division, and I also got the certificate with good results. For the research, my attitude is more conservative, only the actual use. I will also participate if the hearing aids are equipped with the national level 2 and audiologists. In the past few years, I was a first-line hearing aid fitter and trainer. I have worked as a store, and I have also worked in the hospital hearing center. I also had the opportunity to work as a hearing public welfare project in the Civil Affairs Department. Every time you work in a new location, it is a new challenge. In the hearing aid fitting work, I tried to make myself a qualified fitter, and I didn’t stop the pace of continuing to study: it is very important to study without going in. Until now, I am a “national third-level hearing aid fitter” with a good sense of hearing..

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