Hearing aid wearer’s personal experience

My father this year81Years old, with the increase of age, my father’s hearing has dropped very fast in the past two years. I have to go to work. My mother is taking care of my father at home. Because my father can’t hear us, my mother is very difficult to take care of my father. Every day. I have to shout at my father, my mother is old, and now it is very difficult to take care of my father. I really look down on it. Taking advantage of this Sunday’s rest, I came to my hearing with my father.


Professional fitting center, Xiao Wang very warmly received us, first checked my father’s hearing, the right ear was severe hearing loss, the left side was extremely severe hearing loss, Xiao Wang took it with trouble.Hearing aidGive your father a try, first right120BTE Hearing aid, left is135SPThe audition effect is still possible, and we also listened to it later.110BTE And115SPHearing aid, the effect is also good, after all110versus120A few thousand dollars,115And135It’s also about half the difference, Xiao Wang put this4After the machine was debugged, we brought it to the father and found it.120And135The hearing aid, the father wears the effect better, so we chose120And135Hearing aids, after purchasing hearing aids, Xiao Wang patiently introduced us to the use of hearing aid batteries and hearing aid drying boxes, and carefully introduced the rules for the use of hearing aids. We are really grateful to Xiao Wang here. Thanks to the hearing of a company, I also hope that hearing can better serve the hearing impaired. Solve many of their problems.

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