Hearing aid fitter’s craftsmanship

Hearing has a strong belief that although every auditor with a good sense of hearing has a very high professional standard, from the overview of the entire industry, every audiologist is required to have a high level of professional standards at present. It is unrealistic.

But as a hearing aid fitter, you should have at least three conditions:


Have an ideal

Hearing is that a good hearing aid fitter should have an ideal, can serve the customer wholeheartedly, and use his own efforts to contribute to other people’s hearing problems. Like teachers and doctors, this kind of sentiment has a lot of passion. To work hard to rehabilitate, a few words are the ambition of a hearing aid fitter. In fact, any profession should be like this, this is the essence of the craftsman spirit.


In the world, we can’t help everyone, but we hope that the users we serve will treat each other with sincerity. For ordinary people,Hearing aidBut it’s just an electronic product, a cold device, and for hearing loss people, hearing aids are part of their body, their ears, and their bridge to the mainstream world. We are not trying to be a sentient being, but we have an empathy to serve our customers.


Hearing has a belief that for a child, the hearing aid fitter’s job is to let the child hear the best sound, so that the child can learn like ordinary people, the game;For an old man, your job is to let these hard-working parents have a good time to sneak in with their children and grandchildren. This is the responsibility of a hearing aid fitter, and you are responsible for the quality of life of these people. Responsibility is to be kind to yourself, to be kind to others, to do the right thing.

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