Does wearing a hearing aid for a long time really aggravate deafness?

Some friends want to wear hearing aids, but they don’t know if the hearing aids will cause hearing damage for the second time. Some friends who wear hearing aids will feel that wearing hearing aids seems to really aggravate deafness because they don’t wear hearing aids. After that, I feel even louder than I heard before. For hearing aids, there are still many people who have some misunderstandings about it. So, will wearing hearing aids for a long time increase the deafness?

The reason why everyone wears hearing aids for a long time will increase the awareness of deafness. This is mainly from the association of everyone wearing glasses, and feels that as time goes by,The degree of wearing glasses is getting higher and higher,Vision is getting worse,Therefore, it is inferred that hearing is getting worse after wearing a hearing aid, which is actually unfounded. think about it,If you have poor eyesight and don’t wear glasses,Vision will increase, remain the same or will continue to decline?Presbyopia without wearing a mirror,With age, “old flower”Will be getting heavier,This is the inevitable result of the deterioration of vision function; college students with myopia without glasses,The degree of myopia will also increase,And it adds more weight. This is because they need more vision than ordinary people. Need help without glasses,Can only lead to excessive visual fatigue,Accelerate the process of irregular light.

The same is true for hearing, when you need to wear it without wearing a hearing aid,Will only increase hearing difficulties,Accelerate the process of auditory degeneration. on the other hand,Wear a suitable hearing aid itself,Does not cause hearing to get worse. There is one exception. Deaf patients wear hearing aids that are not suitable for their use.300Degree of myopia wear800The degree of myopia is obviously harmful and unhelpful. The same is true for hearing aids. and so,Hearing aids also need fitting,And it is a more complicated and detailed fitting than glasses. Exactly,Wearing a properly qualified and qualified hearing aid without an accurate fit will not increase the degree of deafness,It is beneficial to slow down the process of deafness. Check when you check your hearing”Uncomfortable threshold”Customized hearing aids have a peak clipping circuit that can control its maximum output below the discomfort threshold. No matter how much external sound is amplified by the hearing aid, it will not cause discomfort to the wearer, so there will be no excessive sound. Residual hearing is further impaired.

Furthermore, the patient itself has a condition that causes hearing loss. These conditions are not effectively treated, affecting not only the condition of the body but also the decline in hearing. Therefore, in general, we need to ask before fitting the hearing aid. The patient’s condition, to understand whether the patient has other conditions that affect hearing loss, and to inform the patient to let the patient know clearly. There is also a patient’s unstable hearing loss, which cannot suppress the decline in hearing.

Research institution20year old~ 79岁的579A survey of healthy people found that from40At the beginning of the year, people’s hearing began to decline in the high frequency area.50After the age, the hearing impairment gradually expanded from the high-frequency area to the middle-low frequency area, and began to have the feeling of the back of the ear.

But this is only a general rule. Specific to everyone, the occurrence and development of deafness are different. In addition to the physical and genetic factors, it is also affected by diseases and the environment. In patients with chronic diseases such as high blood lipids, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and hypertension, the formation and development of deafness in the elderly can be accelerated.

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