Bone conduction hearing aidIs the bone conduction hearing aid suitable for the elderly?

The problems that often occur in the hearing impaired elderly include the following types, such as ear canal atresia, eardrum perforation, mechanical injury to the small bone, inflammation of the ear canal, and obstruction of ear canal secretions. When the hearing aid is worn, the hearing aid penetrates the external auditory canal and closes the external auditory canal to form a closed cavity. Additional sound pressure is generated in the external auditory canal, and this part of the sound pressure reaches the inner ear through the air conduction mechanism. Then I will feel my voice sounding noisy and stuffy. Therefore, some people will wear a custom-made hearing aid, and they will not be able to wear it for a while, because they feel uncomfortable. Therefore, if the elderly choose hearing aid products, the first consideration is comfort. Then you can try it.VlikeBone smart glassesT1 +. It not only opens the binaural channel, but also abandons the swelling feeling of the traditional air-guided hearing aid. It can also avoid inflammation, damage the hearing, and effectively prevent the sweat from eroding. It is very convenient and quick. Using the patented bone conduction technology, the transmitted sound is also very clear, and to a certain extent, it can effectively protect the hearing condition, which is a good choice for the elderly who are not suitable for traditional hearing aids.

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