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what is one conduction hearing aid? A bone-guided hearing aid is a hearing aid that transmits sound through the bones (mammary, teeth, bones, etc.) to the inner ear. Bone conduction hearing and mainly used for severe conductive hearing loss, as well as inflammation of the external auditory canal, suppurative otitis media activity, external ear occlusion ear malformation, can not use gas-guided hearing aid deafness. Such hearing aids can be glasses, hair clips or implants that bring the receiver close to the mastoid or bone. In general, bone hearing aids are used in a wide range of applications.

Bone conduction hearing and the general type of glasses and head clip type, suitable for external auditory canal atresia, narrow or suitable for congenital malformation of the middle ear, chronic suppurative otitis media recurrent purulent, conductive hearing loss is relatively large, general air conduction hearing help invalid patients. However, bone-guided hearing aids are uncomfortable to wear, and long-term use can make the skin hard, painful, output has certain limitations, and the direction of the sound has an effect.3kHZThe above can provide very small amplification power. So few people use bone conduction hearing aids.

Bone conduction hearing aid how much is it? In fact, the price has not been determined, because the market price will fluctuate with time and other factors. Generally speaking, the bears in the ordinary family are not expensive for ordinary people. Moreover, manufacturers and enterprises have a lot of production and sales, and the price given by each business is different, so consumers should use commercial prices as a standard at a given time.

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