Bone conduction hearing aid-What is a bone conduction hearing aid?

The more common hearing aids we use are ordinary ear-back machines and in-ear machines. What is the work of bone-guided hearing aids? The sound waves received by the bone conduction hearing aid are transmitted directly to the inner ear through the vibration of the skull, and do not pass through the tympanic membrane or the ossicular chain. This sound transmission mode is bone conduction, and then the bone conduction hearing aid. Existing bone conduction hearing aids continue to advance, such as soft beltsPointSoft beltBAHA, soft bone bridge, etc., more and more beautiful, comfortable and healthy development.

So what are the applicable people for bone conduction hearing aids? Mainly used for some patients with external ear dysplasia, such as external auditory canal atresia, no auricle. For some patients with external ear disease, middle ear disease with suppurative otitis media, and not suitable for wearing air conduction hearing aids can also be equipped with bone conduction hearing aids.

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