Do you have a earwax? It’s inevitable to answer well. Even some people take it as a habit to take out earwax after a meal, after a bath, when a play is played, there are many tools to take out earwax, such as cotton swabs, toothpicks, keys, etc.

It’s because of the love of earwax that people dig their ears every year, and the patients who pierce the eardrum are everywhere.

But you know, earwax is used to protect our ears.

Earwax, also known as cerumen, is a kind of yellowish secretion produced by the internal secretion of the ear canal. Many people take out earwax because it’s cool. Some people take out earwax because it’s disgusting. In fact, it’s just your psychological function. Only one called earwax can make you feel this way. If you change your name to cerumen, it’s not so dirty.

Earwax has many advantages. Let’s learn about it.

First of all, earwax can protect our ear canal and eardrum. Small dust and sand are everywhere in the air. Because earwax is blocked there, it will not hurt our ears. And in the hot summer, small flying insects can easily enter our ear canal. With earwax, they will not directly let small flying insects fly to me all the way On our tympanic membrane.

Earwax can also protect our hearing. Do you have this feeling? After a long time of earwax digging, you will feel better hearing. This is because earwax has certain noise reduction function, which can protect our ears from noise damage.

Earwax still has a certain degree of greasiness. When we bathe and wash our hair, it is inevitable that some water will enter our ear canal. At this time, earwax plays an important role in preventing the invasion of dirty water, so as to prevent a series of infectious diseases, such as otitis media and otitis externa.

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