For every patient who comes to our side to test the hearing aid, we will emphasize that wearing the hearing aid needs to treat the hearing aid effect correctly and have a reasonable psychological orientation for the hearing aid before purchasing it.

For different hearing loss, the effect of wearing hearing aids is naturally different.

Generally speaking, the more residual hearing you have, the better the effect of hearing aids. The earlier you wear hearing aids, the better the effect of hearing aids. Many patients are in the state of hearing loss all the year round, and their speech recognition ability has declined a lot. Therefore, they can’t hear clearly and understand what others say quickly after wearing hearing aids It’s very arbitrary to say that the effect of wearing hearing aids is too bad. However, in this case, as long as you practice more and improve your speech recognition slowly, your hearing aid effect will not be bad in the end.

Secondly, the nature of hearing loss is different, and the hearing aid effect will be different after wearing the hearing aid. Basically, most patients with conductive deafness have better effect than sensorineural deafness after wearing the hearing aid.

Then there is the problem of hearing aids. There are so many brands and models of hearing aids on the market. It’s impossible that every hearing aid has a good effect. You spent 2000 yuan to buy a hearing aid. It’s impossible to hear the effect of 20000 yuan. Moreover, the level of each testing assistant is not the same, and the debugging technology is not the same, so find a good one It’s very important for the match maker.

Some patients will complain that they can’t hear clearly when they are in a meeting. This is because although many hearing aids now have noise reduction treatment, it’s impossible to only let you listen to the voice you want to hear. Therefore, in such an environment or in a noisy restaurant, it’s hard to ensure the effect of hearing aid, especially for more than 10 people, each of them We’re all talking about ourselves, right? We don’t have to be able to hear clearly if we have normal hearing.

Before we buy hearing aids, we need to have a proper location for hearing aids in our hearts. Hearing aids are only auxiliary tools after all. No matter how high-end hearing aids are, they cannot achieve the real ear effect, which affects the final hearing aid effect or many. Therefore, when we wear hearing aids, we need to treat the hearing aid effect correctly.

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