Assessment of the use of hearing aids – hearing

Due to the deterioration of various functions of the elderly, the complexity of hearing organs and the complexity of hearing loss, the hearing aid compensation hearing function limit, and the lack of understanding of hearing aids, many elderly people have certain problems in wearing hearing aids. Let’s go to popular science to wear hearing aids for the elderly.

CorrectHearing and the expected value should be reasonable: because the hearing problem is too complicated, the hearing aid can only play a supporting role. Hearing aids can be used as a bridge for communication and communication between the elderly and the outside world, but hearing aids cannot replace the real ear, nor can they reach the normal level of hearing, such as natural, long-distance, small sound and coping with various complex environments. Some elderly people have high expectations for hearing aids and think that wearing hearing aids can reach normal levels. Therefore, it is considered that the quality of hearing aids is not good, or the fitter is not good enough, and they are not willing to cooperate with the fitter to complete their rehabilitation plan after wearing hearing aids. The understanding, education, advanced thinking, and physical energy decline of the elderly are also the biggest factors affecting the hearing aid effect. The fitter should guide the elderly to be proficient in using the correct use of each program button and hearing aid.

The elderly must master the methods of communicating with people after wearing hearing aids, such as the speed and clarity of the speaker.; Environmental differences. The use time of the first wear should be made clear to the elderly, in order to better use the hearing aid to achieve the best results.

The effect of hearing aids varies from person to person. It is necessary to actively adjust the mentality to overcome the hearing discomfort and hearing habits of wearing hearing aids.

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