Hearing aidCan you bring your ears?

The idea is very normal reasoning, especially in the early years when the technology was backward and there was no current digital hearing aid. At that time, only the box machine,Because it is linear amplification,Wearing for a long time will cause hearing loss,So many old people will say that hearing aids can’t be worn.,Wearing your ears is getting worse,The current science and technology has developed,Computerized digital hearing aid,According to the loss situation that has been heard, the adjustment is adjusted.,Such a machine has the function of noise reduction,Healing protection,Will not damage residual hearing.So deaf patients can choose the hearing aid with confidence..


SoHearing aidNeed fitting,Not buying at will,And more complicated than choosing glasses,Also meticulous.Wearing an appropriately qualified hearing aid with an accurate fit will not increase the degree of deafness.It is beneficial to slow down the deafness process. The digital hearing aid has a special peak-canceling line to control his maximum output below the discomfort threshold.,No matter how loud the outside world is, the hearing aid will not cause discomfort to the wearer.,So there will be no excessive sound and further damage to residual hearing..That is, the digital hearing aid will not make the ear more worn..It is also recommended that the majority of deaf patients go to the formal professional fitting center to matchHearing aid.

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