Some people hope that hearing aids can replace the original binaural, which is unrealistic. For example, old people take off their teeth and can’t eat anything that is a little hard. It will be much better to wear dentures, but still can’t chew hard things! Do you think the problem has been solved? Do you think the dentures are useful?

If you want to wear hearing aids, and your ears are as good as normal people, it’s impossible, just like you want to gnaw bones with false teeth and run as fast as normal people with artificial limbs. However, dentures and prostheses have obviously helped users solve major problems. In the same way, although hearing aids can not help the elderly to fully recover their hearing, their role is still huge, not only solving the communication barriers, but also preventing the possible psychological barriers. More importantly, wearing appropriate hearing aids can slow down the development of hearing impairment in the elderly to a large extent! Therefore, as long as the hearing impairment reaches a certain degree, the elderly must match and wear hearing aids. Wearing hearing aids is the most effective way to solve the hearing problems of the elderly.

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