Can long-term wear hearing aid cause harm to the ear?

Hearing aid is a kind of auxiliary device specially designed for the deaf to help the deaf to solve the hearing disorder. It is composed of microphone (microphone, amplifier) and receiver (headset). The microphone is an acoustic electrical transducer, which transforms the external acoustic signal into an electrical signal. After the amplifier is input, the sound pressure is amplified to 10000 or even tens of thousands of times. After the speaker outputs the amplified acoustic signal, the sound can be heard in the auditory center of the brain. Therefore, deaf hearing aids are very useful for patients, just like wearing glasses for vision disorders can help us to see more clearly, deaf hearing aids can also help patients to hear the outside voice.

Before fitting hearing aids, patients need to carry out a series of hearing tests and assessments. It includes pure tone audiometry, acoustic immittance and speech test. If the patient meets the standards of hearing aid matching, then select the matching according to the patient’s own audiogram. In addition, for patients undergoing the initial matching, the matching technician will keep the amplification to a certain extent, and will not adjust to the maximum volume. After a period of adaptation, the volume will be further increased until the patient is satisfied. Secondly, the maximum sound output of the hearing aid will not exceed the uncomfortable threshold of the patient, that is to say, it will not make you uncomfortable and ensure that the hearing will not be further reduced.

Therefore, for the hearing loss patients, wearing hearing aids does not affect hearing. Generally speaking, with the growth of age, the physiological functions of human body gradually decline, inner ear hair cells apoptosis, hearing function decline. In addition, other basic diseases (such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.) may also cause hearing loss. Therefore, the progressive hearing loss in the elderly patients with deafness has little to do with whether they wear hearing aids or not. Without hearing aid, it is certain that hearing function and brain function decrease.

Is it harmful to the ears to wear hearing aids for a long time? Experts explained that deaf patients should actively cooperate with doctors’ treatment. If they want to effectively control the disease, they should wear hearing aids.

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