Compared with adult deafness, some children’s deafness occurs slowly in life. Many children’s hearing may be normal at birth, but with the gradual growth of age, and under the influence of various external incentives, they show hearing fluctuations or good or bad hearing, a few patients with dizziness, walking instability and other symptoms. But these symptoms are often not easy to cause parents’ attention, they usually think that the cold and other reasons affect the children’s ear function. Many patients are in a sudden serious hearing loss after the hospital to see a doctor and carry out the corresponding examination, and finally get the diagnosis of the disease.

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This disease is the great vestibular aqueduct syndrome, which is also one of the common causes of deafness in children.

Large vestibular aqueduct syndrome is a congenital malformation of inner ear. The cause of the disease is unknown, which may be related to genetic factors, intrauterine infection and so on. Although it is a congenital disease, most children’s sudden hearing loss can be treated. The key is to find it early.

Symptoms: good or bad hearing

If you have the following conditions, you should be alert to whether it is large vestibular aqueduct syndrome——

Most of the patients were born with normal hearing, and most of them were in infancy. The specific manifestations are progressive and fluctuating hearing loss, and progressive sensorineural hearing loss does not appear until the teens.

Deafness is mostly bilateral, and the range of hearing loss is very large, ranging from mild to very severe, and the severe can have speech disorder.

With the development of pathological changes, many patients will have sudden deafness, and some people will have slow fluctuation of sensorineural deafness.

About 1 / 3 of the patients have vestibular symptoms, presenting with paroxysmal vertigo and instability. The younger children showed a lack of good motor coordination ability.

Older children or adults will complain of tinnitus.

Xiaobian here reminds parents to pay attention to: if a small head injury, cold, etc. causes children’s obvious hearing loss, we must see a doctor in time, and ask the doctor to check whether there is the problem of vestibular aqueduct expansion.

Treatment: early diagnosis, first medication

Drug therapy: when hearing drops sharply, drug therapy can be used to restore hearing as much as possible, so as to strive for a better stage for children to maintain hearing for a long time, which is also very beneficial to children’s language development. Generally, through the use of comprehensive treatment program, most patients will have a recovery of hearing, but some patients are difficult to reach the pre onset hearing level.

Selection of hearing aids: for patients who still have no signs of improvement in hearing after 3 months of standardized drug treatment, the hearing aids can be selected as appropriate. If hearing aids still do not contribute to hearing improvement, cochlear implant should be considered.

Warm tips——

● check your child’s hearing regularly.

● in case of sudden hearing loss, you should go to a regular hospital for treatment as soon as possible, instead of waiting for natural recovery.

● try to protect residual hearing and help children maintain good hearing conditions.

● try to avoid confrontational activities. Especially protect the head from injury, even slight collision.

● prevent colds. Reduce blowing your nose and other stress prone actions.

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