The difference between children’s hearing aids and elderly hearing aids

The child is in the developmental stage, and the perception of the external voice has not yet reached the adult’s ability to understand. In addition, our hearing-impaired children have a slower grasp of the knowledge of sound. Therefore, after wearing a hearing aid, not only must you hear the outside world, but also listen to the outside world, that is, you need to hear a complete, full voice, in order to better recover and enhance your listening knowledge. This requires our children’s hearing aids to have better sound quality and greater clarity.


Therefore, in fitting hearing aids for children, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1The movement inside the hearing aid is faster;

2, hearing aids should have better noise reduction effect;

3The hearing aids must have a certain number of channels, and the adjustable range should be wider and finer.;

4The power of the hearing aid is a little bigger.;

5, wireless Bluetooth,FMLanguage training equipment with professional language training, etc.;

6Have enhanced environmental automatic adaptability function application, have better intelligence, avoid letting children adjust the switch;

7, moisture-proof and dust-proof design, battery lock, status indicator light details, long warranty period setting, free redo shell service and so on.

In addition, children are naturally active, we can choose a special sports protection clip when choosing a hearing aid. At the same time, you can also choose the color of the shell that children prefer, so that children can receive the hearing aid smoothly.

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