What color does the hearing aid have?-What are the colors of the hearing aid?

There are many colors of hearing aids, especially the color of the eardrum machine. However, the current domestic hearing aids are more conservative in color, mostly in flesh and brown. If color is needed, it may be ordered in advance, because it is imported from abroad. You can go to the nearest hearing and fitting center to consult.

The color of the shell of the behind-the-ear hearing aid can be varied to meet the needs of users of different ages, such as traditional color, fashion, fun, and close to the hair and skin color. You can choose your own when you go to match.,The color of the current skin color is accepted by many people. There are also some color manufacturers that are not necessarily realistic. Some have to go abroad to buy goods. Customers choose the color as the manufacturer applies. The color of the custom ear canal casing is not so much, mainly flesh, red and blue. The color of most ear canal panels is mainly concealed, mostly popular for flesh and brown.

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