Will it cause inflammation of the ear after wearing a hearing aid?

Many customers have such concerns that they may cause inflammation of their ears after wearing a hearing aid. Is this not the case?

Does wearing a hearing aid cause inflammation of the ear?

1In general, wearing a hearing aid does not cause inflammation of the ear if it does not have otitis media. If you have had otitis media, wear a hearing aid and pay attention to clean the ear canal. However, when the patient is in a non-healthy state such as a cold or poor body resistance, the environment in the ear canal changes after wearing the hearing aid, and sometimes it causes inflammation of the ear. At this time, we don’t have to worry, we should take off the hearing aid and wait for the inflammation. After the cure, continue to use; very sensitive individual ear canal skin, allergic to hearing aid materials, at this time you can apply for manufacturers to apply a layer of antibacterial materials on the outer casing, while reducing the wearing time. If you are wearing a custom machine, pay attention to whether the machine casing is suitable. If the casing is not suitable, it may cause the ear canal wall to wear out, which may cause inflammation of the ear canal.


2If the patient has otitis media, can he wear a hearing aid?

Usually there are patients with otitis media and occasional pus, the fitter will recommend that you choose the ear-back hearing aid as much as possible. If the ear is now inflamed or pus-flowing, it is recommended that you do not wear a hearing aid at this time. Because this time to maintain ventilation in the ear, it will help the recovery of inflammation. At the same time, if the hearing aid is worn at this time, one is unfavorable inflammation, and the pus may penetrate into the hearing aid and corrode the hearing aid. Therefore, it is recommended not to wear a hearing aid at this time, and then wear it when the inflammation is good.

Therefore, if you do not have otitis media yourself, you don’t have to worry too much about the inflammation of your ears. If you have had otitis media, you should pay attention to the cleansing of the ear canal during use. If your ear is getting inflamed, please do not wear a hearing aid for the time being.

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