Question: can wearing a hearing aid cause ear inflammation?

Caption: the old man’s hearing is poor. He wants to help her with a hearing aid. But the old man said that wearing a hearing aid would make her ears inflamed. Is that true?

Solution 1:

If there is no otitis media, wearing hearing aids will not cause ear inflammation. If you have ever had otitis media, wear a hearing aid and pay attention to cleaning the ear canal.

Solution 2:

Wearing a hearing aid won’t have any side effects! You can use it at ease!

Solution 3:

If there is inflammation in the ear itself, it is necessary to wait for the inflammation to be good before wearing the hearing aid. If there is no inflammation, it will not cause inflammation. It may be a little uncomfortable when you first wear it, so you can slowly adapt to it for a period of time.

Solution 4:

Can’t. Pay attention to the cleaning of ear canal and hearing aid. Do not wear the hearing aid when you take it off. Do not wear the hearing aid if there is inflammation and running water and pus in the ear.

Solution 5:

If there is inflammation in the ear, let the ear canal breathe when you wear it. When you wash your hair and take a bath, pay attention not to let water enter your ears. Clean the inside of your ears before wearing the hearing aid. The hearing aid itself will not cause ear inflammation. Hearing patients with otitis media are not suitable to be equipped with a customized ear machine, so it is better to choose an ear back machine.

How can ability defer old age sex deaf? Note the following:

Noise avoidance

Under the long-term noise stimulation, the auditory organ is in the excited state for a long time, which makes the auditory function extremely tense and fatigued, so that the auditory nerve cells will be ossified and atrophied, and the hearing will be reduced if it continues for a long time.

Quit smoking and drinking

Nicotine and chronic alcoholism in cigarette can directly damage auditory bone, auditory cells and nerve center. Tobacco and alcohol can induce the disorder of relaxation and contraction of cerebral blood vessels, resulting in the insufficiency of blood supply in ears, and inducing hearing loss.

Caution drug use

The elderly must be careful to use toxic drugs that damage the auditory nerve, such as streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin, neomycin, etc. Salicylic acid preparations should also be used with caution.

physical exercise

We should insist on strengthening physical exercises, such as running, sword dancing and Taijiquan, so as to improve the nutrition supply of inner ear. It’s best to start from middle age, and stick to it for a long time.

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