Why should hearing aids be maintained frequently?

Hearing aids are a very sophisticated electronic product. It is known that peanut-sized hearing aids have a very thin wire, a large-scale integrated chip, a microphone, a receiver, a switch, and other electronic components in the outer casing of the polymer material. If it is placed on the table stably, it is not easy to cause malfunction. However, it must go out with the user every day. The moisture evaporating in the ear and the oily sputum can damage the internal parts of the hearing aid. The accidental impact is the most terrible enemy of any hearing aid. The moisture enters the hearing aid for a long time, and the hearing aid must be corroded. All of the electronics inside, impact or drop will cause the microphone, receiver position to shift or even internal conductors and other components to break.


At present, the most popular custom ear canal hearing aids are not invulnerable. Earwax and any dirt may penetrate into the receiver, which will cause the hearing aid to work abnormally. Imagine a simple structure of glasses that needs to be scrubbed and maintained every day. Hearing aids with such a complicated structure need to be maintained frequently. Therefore, you must carefully study the instructions and instructions for the manufacturer or your audiologist to give you regular hearing aids and inspections. Batteries; ear canal hearing aids often have to remove earwax. If you are still unable to troubleshoot according to the instructions in the instructions, please contact your hearing aid option partner immediately.

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