Why should the hearing aid be maintained?

The purpose of regular maintenance of hearing aids is to extend the life and ensure the sound quality. Long-term wearing of hearing aids is easy to be caused by ear wax, bacteria, hearing aids are sophisticated electronic products, most afraid of shock, high temperature.It is easy to rust in humid environment, and the maintenance of hearing aids and eardrum mainly includes the following aspects.:


1. When not wearing at night, use a dry and soft cloth to clean the eardrum earplugs, check the sounding port for flaws, and clear the ear canal secretions in time.

2.Regular maintenance and dehumidification at the fitting center

3.Sweating is too much, it is easy to corrode electronic devices and circuit boards. When not in use, remove the battery and put the hearing aid into a dry box to absorb the water.

4.When the hearing aid is not in use, the battery should not be placed in the hearing aid for more than two days. In order to prevent battery leakage, the hearing aid will be rotted Eclipse, rust.

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