Phonak hearing aidhow about itIs the peak force hearing aid good?

瑞士Phonak hearing aid:Founded in1947In the year, it is a large-scale multinational company specializing in hearing research, hearing product development, production and sales. Its products include hearing aids, cochlear implants, wireless FM systems, communication systems and implantable hearing aids. It is a global high-tech hearing aid product research and A pioneer in development.


Product features and advantages:

  1)Ideal for noise processing, low-end products have noise reduction and can handle noise well.

  2)The sound quality of the machine is relatively crisp, and the product concept pays attention to improving the signal-to-noise ratio in the noise environment and solving the speech discrimination problem of the patient’s noise environment.

  3)Waterproof and dustproof level reachedIP67.6Representative anti-solid(Like dust)The highest level,7Representing the waterproof level is second only to the highest8. Therefore, the product repair rate is low.

4)Some products have frequency shifting technology. This technique can be sure that it has obvious effects on the sound sensitivity of the sound, but how to distinguish and understand the speech needs further verification.

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