How can I better prevent hearing aids from falling?

Most of the back-mounted hearing aids are hung behind the ear, and it is not easy to drop the earplugs. The ear canal hearing aid is made of the wearer’s eardrum, and the hearing aid casing and the ear canal are closely fitted and are not easily dropped. In order to prevent falling, each Rake-type hearing aid is provided with a plastic strip that prevents falling. If you are still afraid of the hearing aid falling, you can use the cable to hold the hearing aid around your neck.


A friend who uses a hearing aid will not fall off by paying attention to the following points:

1Try to choose an ear canal hearing aid, which has a large contact area with the ear canal and is not easy to loose.

2During the use of hearing aids, the position of the hearing aid should be checked frequently and adjusted in time to ensure that the hearing aid works in the best position.

3When performing strenuous activities, it is recommended to remove the hearing aid. If it is inconvenient to remove, you can also gently attach the hearing aid to your ear by hand. If you need a long time of exercise, such as running, cycling, etc., you can use medical adhesive tape to cut into strips, and fix the hearing aid on your ear to prevent it from falling off during exercise. Remove the adhesive plaster strip after the end of the exercise.

4Take a hearing aid while taking a bath, swimming, or shampooing to prevent the hearing aid from slipping or causing damage due to water ingress.

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