Why is it that the younger the wearer, the better??

Children’s auditory center and speech center have a best stage of development. Beyond this stage, the developmental plasticity will be significantly smaller, and the appropriate stimulus for this central development is sound. The sooner the hearing aid child hearing aid is worn, the sooner the sound stimulation is received, and the earlier the development of these centers. Practice has proved that the rehabilitation of hearing aids, language proficiency and learning ability of deaf children who wear hearing aids is much better than that of deaf children wearing hearing aids. Up to now, the baby in the Kang listening store has been a baby for four months after birth.


Four-month child,Loss of speech such as hearing loss,It is necessary to check to know,NotHow much should hearing be?DB”. If the hearing is really lost,,Of course, the sooner you match. If not early,Can cause the child to have incomplete pronunciation,Unclear.This will have a great impact on the child’s future growth and development.

Many parents do not pay much attention to the early detection and treatment of hearing health in children, which may lead to situations that make you regret. When your child’s response to the sound or call is not obvious, you should pay attention to it, so take your child to the ear department of a special children’s hospital to check, early detection and early treatment. If the symptoms of sputum are found early, the treatment and recovery plan can be determined according to the situation in time, and the effect is more favorable than the older one.

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