When we buy hearing aids, we often find that the price is different. Some hearing aids cost tens of thousands, while others have a price of one hundred.

Why is the price of hearing aids so different?


To put it simply, a hearing aid is a device that amplifies sound. The price of hearing aids on the market is difference. Apart from the difference between domestic and imported, the main factor is the difference between hearing aid chips and technology.

Because the sound is comprised of frequency and intensity, the patient’s hearing loss is reflected in different frequencies and different intensities.

The low-cost hearing aids multiply the sound no matter how loud the outside world is. The problem caused by this is that the sound is over-amplified, which may cause secondary damage to the hearing.

Expensive hearing aids generally can reasonably control and amplify sounds in different frequency bands. The difference is that they are divided into several frequency bands for processing. Obviously, the 20 frequency bands must be more detailed than the 2 frequency bands, and the sound quality is better. Hearing aids make the frequency band for processing sounds a channel. Generally the value of a channel is ¥1000.



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