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In the current social population, a lot of people have different degrees of hearing impairment, for this kind of people hearing aid is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in daily life. Hearing AIDS also need to be maintained,that will ensure good use. Master the new hearing aid method as early as possible successful use of hearing AIDS can help you develop good listening habits and to play a better hearing effect, to protect your residual hearing. Here are some practical Suggestions.

1. Keep your hearing aid dry.After each use of hearing AIDS, please wipe with a soft cloth, remove the surface grease and moisture.Do not use water soluble solutions as they can damage hearing AIDS.

2. Do not immerse the hearing aid in water or other liquids.Such operations can cause permanent damage to hearing AIDS.

3. Use hearing AIDS as gently as possible to avoid hearing AIDS falling on ground or other surfaces.

4. Do not wear hearing AIDS in bathing, swimming, in heavy rain or in extremely humid environments such as saunas or steam baths.

5. If sweat or excessive humidity in the air causes your hearing aid to become damp, remove the battery and keep the battery compartment door open to dry the hearing aid thoroughly.

6. Hearing aid is a kind of precision equipment, long-term in high temperature condition (such as long time exposure to the sun, close to the stove, etc.), may cause damage, must pay attention to prevent.

7. Hearing AIDS do not use, the battery should not be placed in the hearing aid for a long time (more than two days), to prevent battery leakage, so that the hearing aid corrosion, rust.

But JH-D19 waterproof hearing aid can avoid a lot of these problems. Picture as below.


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