Learning is not new to us. We have been learning from small to large. People spend their whole life in learning. There are many beautiful things in the world that are based on learning. If you want to succeed or accomplish something, you have to learn. If you don’t learn, what will our world become? We don’t know, but it’s certainly not as good as it is now. Learning is not an easy thing. To learn well and succeed, we need to pay a lot of money, time, sweat, etc. and to learn well, we need to have several conditions: motivation, effort, and confidence of certain success. It is no exception to wear hearing aids. People who just wear hearing aids should learn to use hearing aids and adapt to hearing aids. Whether they have enough patience and effort is the key to determine whether the hearing aid wearer can < a href = "http://www.sqhearing.com/tlkp/460.html" target = "_blank" > adapt to hearing aids < / a >.

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When you first contact the hearing aid, you need to be familiar with the installation of the hearing aid and how to adjust each device.

First of all, we need to practice using hearing aids in a quiet and familiar environment, learn to listen to the voice in the environment, and learn to listen to each other in the case of two people. Note that in a short period of time, do not expect the hearing aid to have a great effect, otherwise it will be very disappointed, and do not easily think that the hearing aid is invalid. The hearing aid needs to be familiar with and Practice for a period of time before it will have an effect. If your friend thinks that the hearing aid is ineffective, don’t be affected by him, because your hearing loss is different, and your attitude to the hearing aid is different, and your satisfaction with the hearing aid is different.

At the beginning, the sound of the hearing aid should be turned down a little. First, adapt to your own voice, because the sound processed by the hearing aid will not be the same as before, so the patient needs to adapt to this sound. At the beginning, you don’t need to pay attention to whether you hear clearly or not. Just adjust your voice to sound comfortable. Don’t tangle and panic because you can’t hear clearly.

When talking with people, we must pay attention to vision. We can understand each other’s speaking content by observing the other’s mouth shape and expression.

The wearer of the hearing aid can ask the other person to slow down or repeat some words during the conversation, which can help him to understand the conversation.

During meetings and performances, the hearing aid wearer can choose to sit in the front or middle position, which is conducive to his understanding. Patients may be difficult to understand when watching TV or listening to the radio, because actors may use some special tone to speak, and often accompanied by music when speaking, which also makes it difficult for patients to hear clearly, so patients should sit within 2-3 meters as far as possible, pay attention to the speed and tone of speech, so patients will be easier to hear the dialogue and can guess whether they can hear it clearly Words.

In addition, there are many points to pay attention to, such as when answering the phone, keep the phone close to the microphone and not close to the ear, etc., which requires you to communicate with your hearing aid tester frequently during the process of wearing the hearing aid. When wearing hearing aids, patients should not force themselves to do too much learning. If they feel unwell, they need to stop and take off the hearing aids to rest for a while and continue to practice. After several weeks of practice, patients will gradually get used to hearing aids.

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