What should you pay attention to when changing a hearing aid?

Some of the hearing aid wearers we receive are first-time patients, and a large number of patients who are changing or upgrading. For patients who have worn hearing aids but need to be replaced now, there are some things to be aware of.

The following hearing aids are shared with you, and the hearing machine needs to be customized to change the machine:


At present, the number of custom machine upgrades is increasing. About one-third of the custom machine orders are for the hearing aid users. For most people who use hearing aids, the new upgrades are available. Hearing aids are unmatched in technology, appearance, and functions are more powerful, more suitable, and there are some problems that need attention.

First, the size of the new machine shell is different from the old machine;

Second, the panel structure, layout, and options are different from the original machine, and the operating habits have changed;

Third, the wearing experience is different from the original hearing aid.

These problems require the professional interpretation of the fitter, computer debugging and other aspects of the treatment, and sometimes require users to have a period of adaptation to the new product. To adapt to the newly upgraded hearing aids, you can listen better and be more comfortable. It is hoped that the hearing aid wearer will be well adapted to the hearing aid, and that the hearing aid can help the person who needs it to the maximum extent possible.

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