Why is the price of hearing aids so expensive?

The basic function of the hearing aid is indeed to expand the sound, but only expanding the sound is far from satisfying the needs of the listener. There are still many patients with hearing loss accompanied by a decline in understanding, and the range of the patient’s perceived sound is also small. I can’t hear it, I can’t stand it loudly. It can be said that the ear of the deaf person is more vulnerable and less tolerant. This requires the hearing aid to have more functions: faster computing speed (reduced delay), multi-channel processing sound (suitable for patient height) Uneven hearing loss), low compression (lighter hearing loss can be heard by patients with heavy hearing loss) Maximum sound output control (hearing aids will be attenuated when louder than the patient’s discomfort threshold) Improve speech extra magnification (better understanding of language), lower Environmental noise (sounding sound is more comfortable, not noisy), better signal-to-noise ratio (especially multi-person conversation, noisy environment is easier to understand others), wireless Bluetooth function (listen to the phone, listen to music on TV) When reducing the distortion of the sound conversion, restore the scene) … It can be said that a small hearing aid is really not simple.


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