Once the hearing loss reaches the hearing aid fitting standard, the person should intervene and protect it in time. The appropriate matching of the hearing aid has the effect of delaying the hearing loss. If the hearing is not good for a long time, the hearing function may be degraded. The ability to respond and the tolerance of hearing aid amplification is reduced. Even if you want to wear a hearing aid, it will not be so good. The voice information received for a long time is less, and communication with family and the outside world is less, which leads to temperament. change. So once the hearing declines, the intervention is the best.

The old man has a bad hearing, and it will become very difficult to communicate with others. At the same time, other people should talk to him to increase the volume. It also needs to be repeated many times, so that others will not want to communicate with the elderly. The communication will gradually decrease and the old man will change. With autism, the brain will receive less and less information, the brain’s language resolving power will decline, memory will decline, and the response will become dull.

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