Why is the hearing aid price gap so big?

Perhaps many people have a lot of questions about hearing aids: Why do hearing aids look small and the price is so high? Even for hearing aids of the same appearance, the price varies widely? Then, ask the hearing aid price hearing aid expert to analyze the difference in hearing device price for you:


The first depends mainly on the different levels of the internal chip of the hearing aid and the configuration of the spare parts. The appearance of the hearing aid is almost the same, which is difficult for the general consumer to detect.. It is not surprising that the performance of different levels of chips differs by a few tens of times. Just like a computer, it looks the same, but the speed and display are very different.

The second hearing aid must be accurately fitted, and it is not easy to buy it at will! Hearing aids that have not been properly fitted will seriously damage the patient’s residual hearing! Hearing aids are not sphygmomanometers. They are not allowed to be purchased at the store. Experienced fitters, qualified fitting environments and professional process control are essential. Therefore, patients are advised to have a qualified medical device license and long-term professional experience. Hearing aids selection agency for help, Do not go to those who do not officially operate stores, they do not have formal factory authorization, industry dynamics, no professional and technical personnel, no medical device license, will damage the patient’s valuable residual hearing, so that hearing patients regret the life.

The third choice is long-term reliable after-sales service High-quality hearing aids are often more expensive and can be used for many years. Patients are required to go to professional institutions for maintenance and repair of hearing aids, deafness and common sense, and redeploy hearing aids according to hearing changes.

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