Why is the ear hurt when wearing a hearing aid?

With the rapid development of hearing aid technology, more and more people with hearing impairment have begun to use hearing aids, and hearing aids have also enabled more and more people to regain the beauty of the world of sound. However, some people with hearing impairments report that there will be some pain when wearing hearing aids. Obviously this is unreasonable. So, what is this all about?


Today, what are the reasons for everyone to understand earache? How to solve the problem of earache? Wearing a pair of suitable hearing aids should be like wearing a pair of comfortable and fit shoes. You don’t feel that it is a burden, but more like a part of the body, and you won’t be in a hurry to get rid of it at the end of the day. If you have recently selected a hearing aid and found some pain in your ear when wearing it, then this is mainly3Situation:

1. The hearing aid is worn incorrectly;

2. The hearing aid does not fit the ear canal;

3. Ear canal infection.

Hearing aid is worn incorrectly

There are two aspects to the hearing aid wearing: one is that the hearing aid is used for too long, and the other is that the wearing position is wrong. The wearing of a hearing aid requires a certain amount of time to adapt. Recommended for the first two weeks of the first day3-4Hours, when you adapt, then gradually increase the daily usage time. Obviously, those who wear them every day from the beginning10-15Hours are very unwise. Your body is trying to accept a new object, and we need to have enough patience to accommodate and adapt to it. Wearing position errors often occur on custom hearing aids, such as ear canal and deep ear canal hearing aids. These hearing aids need to be placed in specific locations on the ear canal.

Some hearing-impaired people feel that the hearing aid is too tightly attached to the ear canal and the hearing aid is displaced when using the hearing aid. It is not difficult to imagine that the hearing aid is placed incorrectly and it is likely to compress the ear and cause pain. Normally, if the hearing aid is worn correctly, you should be able to easily adjust and remove your hearing aid. Hearing aid fitting experts recommend that you fully communicate with the audiologist when you first wear the hearing aid, and try several times until you can easily wear, remove, and operate the hearing aid. Hearing aids do not fit into the ear canal. Whether it is a custom hearing aid or an ear model of a behind-the-ear hearing aid, it needs to be customized. It may be difficult to wear it for the first time. Especially for users with a narrow ear canal, it is recommended to pull the ear backwards and upwards when wearing the hearing aid to make the ear canal straighter and easier to wear into the hearing aid.

If you still find it difficult to insert your hearing aid into your ear, try applying a moisturizer to your fingers and gently rubbing your fingers around the skin around the ear canal. After lubricating the ear canal skin, you will find that the hearing aid can be easily inserted into the ear canal. Of course, you can also apply a small amount of emollient oil to the outer casing or ear mold of the custom machine, but be sure to keep away from the sound hole of the hearing aid to prevent sound distortion. The skin on the external auditory canal is thin and sensitive. Some hearing aids have tiny bumps on the plastic casing or ear mold that are invisible to the naked eye. These small bumps press the ear canal, which is likely to cause ear pain. We call this pain point a “sting point.” After wearing the hearing aid, the professional fitter can touch the custom machine casing or ear mold from different angles to help you find the “sting point” accurately.

At this time, it is inevitable to return the casing or perform the casing grinding in the fitting service center where the casing is conditionally treated. Perhaps this sounds a bit cumbersome, but the premise of listening well and listening comfortably is that the hearing aid is comfortable to wear. This is very important, we can’t just do it! Ear canal infections have no effect on hearing aids compared to the other two causes. Hearing aids mean that I don’t carry this black pot! At this time, it is necessary to consult a professional otologist to perform necessary treatment. If you still feel earache in the case of recovery of the ear canal, then think about whether it is related to the two reasons mentioned above. Sometimes it is because of improper wearing that causes ear infections, which exacerbate earache. Hearing aids should be comfortable, which is a prerequisite for professional fitters to choose hearing aids for the hearing impaired! If you are experiencing problems while wearing, be sure to communicate with your fitter in a timely manner. Let us enjoy every intimate contact with the sound and enjoy every minute of using the hearing aid!

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