Why are you afraid of hearing?

We always think that people who are deaf, people who wear hearing aids can’t hear it, and they need to be louder, and the bigger the better, the less. Many monks are afraid of noisy and even very afraid of noisy. Our hearing is limited.

If there is hearing loss (deafness), the sound that you just hear will not be0dBHL,And maybe30dB,60dB,70dBeven more. Although whispered, most of them are swearing, especially those with sensorineural hearing loss are not better than normal hearing, or even worse, not to mention120dB 就是110dB,100dBThey also often hear “deafening.”

This is because their hearing dynamic range is narrowed to varying degrees, sometimes even narrower.5dB,That is, reduce5dBCan’t stand it anymore. Therefore, many deaf people are more afraid of noise than normal hearing people.


Be afraid of noisy after deafness, the term is called “re-vibration” (reverberation). Re-vibration is a pathological reaction accompanied by hearing loss. Experts define it as “the phenomenon that the loudness is increased and the loudness feels abnormally faster than that of normal people.” The essence of re-vibration is the coordination of inner ear and outer hair cells. . The existence of revitalization is the root cause of deafness and fear of noisy. Revitalization is a common phenomenon, but it has not been known by deaf people and even most otologists. Therefore, once our patients are found to be “allergic” to loud sounds, they should be introduced to them.

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